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The Highest Grossing Films Of 2019

There were a ton of movies that topped the box office during 2019, and it makes moviegoers wonder why certain films do so well. The majority of the highest-grossing films of the year were based on stories that already existed, whether that be franchises, re-makes, or sequels. Movies that were …

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Six Major Differences Between Netflix And Disney+

The battle of the streaming services intensified this week when Disney+ launched on November 12th. The streaming service is veteran Netflix’s latest competition and though they might be similar, they are some key differences. One of the most obvious differences between the two streaming services is the cost. Netflix costs …

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The Best Spin-off Series To Ever Grace A TV Screen

What if your favorite TV show never ended? It would be a great treat, but sadly that can’t happen. Since shows can’t last forever, producers came up with the next best thing, spin-offs. That’s when a character from the main series has some popularity, and then he or she gets …

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