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Little Known Facts About Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci may just be the most well-known artist in human history. He wasn’t just an artist though. He was also an inventor, a scientist, a philosopher, an engineer, and an anatomist. He was the original renaissance man— a true jack of all trades and a master of all …

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Secrets About The CIA They Definitely Don’t Want You To Know

The Central Intelligence Agency is one of America’s best—and worst—kept secrets. Nearly everyone knows of the CIA’s existence but no one really knows much about the notorious organization. Considering the fact the agency’s job is to be stealthy it’s not exactly shocking that they keep a lot of secrets. Over …

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Incredible Lost Treasures That Were Found By Accident

We all dream of stumbling onto a buried treasure chest filled with coins and jewels, but for some average Joes out there, it actually happened. It may not always be gold, but accidentally finding a Jackson Pollock painting in a thrift store that turns out to be worth millions sounds …

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QUIZ: Can You Name The Dictator?

Start Quiz Dictators possess absolute power and often wield that power in an oppressive and abusive manner. Dictatorships have been around since the Roman Republic and today, although it’s hard to believe, there are actually still around 50 dictatorships in the world. While some of these dictators in our quiz …

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