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Election day arrives in Saskatchewan, the third province to head to polls during pandemic

Polls are set to open Monday morning for Saskatchewan’s 29th provincial election as the Saskatchewan Party seeks a fourth consecutive mandate. “This will be the largest non-wartime event in the history of our province, [with] more than 800,000 eligible voters,” said Tim Kydd, director of communications and outreach for Elections Saskatchewan.  A record-breaking 119,394 …

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How the electoral college works to determine who wins the U.S. presidency

The electoral college has determined the winner of every U.S. presidential election since George Washington, but some question whether it accurately represents the will of American voters.  Still, this year’s contentious presidential election between U.S. President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden will come down to who secures the 270 electoral college votes …

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Renters brace for winter COVID-19 evictions

Hicham Alasbachi is a Syrian refugee who lives in a one bedroom, first-floor apartment on Weston Road in North York, Ontario. He’s been there for a couple years now, but he’s not sure how much longer he’ll be able to stay. Alasbachi’s had problems paying his rent for a long …

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